Welcome to the Norwegian Soling Association

The Norwegian Soling Association is the national class authority for Soling in Norway.

It has been over 50 years since the Norwegian Soling Association was established. Soling is a One-Design Class, and we organize Norwegian Championships every year and work actively to increase the interest in Soling as a class. We administer the Norwegian Soling Register and the issuance of sail numbers. We are subject to the International Soling Association - ISA.

Soling World Championship 2024

The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (KNS) is super excited to announce that the ISA Executive has decided to award the hosting of 2024 Soling World Championship to the KNS and the Norwegian Soling Association.

The event will be held at Hankø, in the Oslo fjord from the 24th to the 30th of June 2024.

Click on the picture below for more information and a link to pre-registration.

Photo sharing:

We comply with The Norwegian Data Protection Authority for sharing images online. We share new and historical photos. If there are photos of you on our website, or our pages on social media, for which you do not give your consent, you can contact us and we will remove photos from the category portrait photos where you can be recognized.