Photo: Kenneth Myhre

Soling - Royal Norwegian Yacht Club

On "Dronningen" (meaning the Queen), there is an active Soling fleet with five regatta-ready boats. There is regular training every Monday and the regatta on Wednesday nights.

The Soling sailors in RNYC aim to compete with their teams at national events and the Norwegian Championship. They strive to participate with at least one boat in each European Championship and the World Championship when held in European waters.

The Soling sailors at RNYC have gathered under the old slogan of Jan Herman Linge: "Soling of Norway", which is the name they have given their local class club.

They work actively to get up the numbers of Solings and want to attract motivated sailors. Inexperienced or experienced.

They have purchased a recruitment boat to attract and train new sailors.

If you want to know more, you are most welcome to contact the Soling sailors at the RNYC.

Fleet captain, RNYC: Christian Rieder

Address and directions to RNYC - Royal Norwegian Yacht Club at "Dronningen".