Photo: Tønsberg Seilforening

Soling - Tønsberg Yacht Club

At Fjærholmen, Soling has been an active One-Design class for a number of years. There is regular regatta training every Wednesday night throughout the season.

The Soling is a very simple and fun boat to sail, it means that you have a boat that is good to start with, but it has a lot of opportunities for trimming, which means that you will always learn something new.

There is a large fleet of Soling's on Fjærholmen and there is a large range in the level and ambitions of the sailors. It varies from the new ones who participate in Wednesday's regatta to the more experienced ones who compete in the Norwegian Championships and who travel and participate in the European Championships and the World Championships.

The Tønsberg sailors aim to create a good environment, help each other, sail and have fun together. If you want to be part of the Soling Community in Tønsberg with your own Soling or participate as a crew, you are most welcome.

Fleet captain, Tønsberg: Jens Pran

Address and directions to Tønsberg Yacht Club on Fjærholmen.