Photo: RNYC

Soling Fleets

In Norway, we have Soling`s spread all over the country. Many of the older boats are often used as leisure boats and day sailors. But we also have many state-of-the-art regatta boats and a large and active regatta community which is mainly divided into three yacht clubs in the south-eastern part of Norway.

In Tønsberg, Soling has been an active one-design class for over 30 years. In southern Norway, the active Soling sailors have gathered in Tvedestrand. We also have an active fleet in the inner Oslofjord with a presence at the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club.

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Tønsberg Yacht Club

Fleet captain, Tønsberg: Jens Pran

Tvedestrand Yacht Club

Fleet captain, Tvedestrand: Harald Hilde

RNYC - Royal Norwegian Yacht Club

Fleet captain, RNYC: Christian Rieder