Photo: Kenneth Myhre

Soling - Tvedestrand Yacht Club

In Tvedestrand, we sail, spring and autumn and Wednesday night regattas in the Tvedestrandsfjord. The spring and the autumn sailing will be carried out on a Saturday, starting at the sailing cabin, in Buskjærdfjorden with a track around the skerries on the coast. The season ends in September with "Viseseilasen" and a gala dinner.

The name "Viseseilasen" meaning, "Singing regatta" comes from the time Tvedestrand Yacht Club had close contact and party gatherings with the sailing association in Skagen Denmark, where song and music were high on the program.

In Southern Norway, sailing with Soling started in Grimstad and developed further to Arendal. Many are talking about the European Championship in Arendal 2007 which gathered 52 Solings to start. 2007 was the highlight of an active Soling fleet in the South, which stretched from Mandal in the west to Arendal in the east.

In 2016, the first Soling participated in a regatta in Tvedestrand. Soon after, a boat with a crew from Grimstad and Arendal also came to Tvedestrand to sail. New boats were bought by local sailors and in 2021 we counted 5 Solings.

An environment has developed in the area, which restores and upgrades older Solings. We hope that this in turn will mean that the fleet in the south will grow.

Soling sailors from Tvedestrand have for several years participated in the "Soling Scandinavian Open" in Tønsberg and at the Norwegian Championship in 2021. The winner of the Norwegian Championship 2021 is from Grimstad and sails in Tvedestrand. Access to cutting-edge expertise at this level is of great benefit to local sailors. In the autumn of 2021, 2 evening courses in sailing rules were arranged with over 20 participants.

Recruitment of younger Soling sailors is a goal, but as everyone knows, age is no obstacle to enjoying the fjord and contributing to a positive environment. We need crew, get in touch if you are interested.

Fleet captain, Tvedestrand: Harald Hilde

Address, and directions, to Tvedestrand Yacht Clubs' home port, Østerå Marina. Clubhouse and website are shared with Tvedestrand Motorboat Association. Østeråveien 480, 4900 Tvedestrand.