Photo: Christian Toft

Regatta Program

Our goal is to give our members a varied offer throughout the season. The schedule is designed to make it possible for the members of the various Soling fleets to travel and visit each other's events.

Some of the events are intended to be an informal low-threshold offer without major formal requirements for organizers and participants. The events included in the low-threshold offer are Terneseilasen, Nøtterøy Rundt, RNYC Grundig Sailing Cup and Viseseilasen.

Events of a more formal and international nature are Hankø Race Week, Soling Scandinavian Open* and Norwegian Championships.

The European Championships and World Championships are held every year by the International Soling Association - ISA.

You will find an overview of the regattas and events included in the Soling schedule for the coming season in the menubar. Subject to changes.

With membership in the Norwegian Soling Association, you can participate in all the regattas. Still, you must be an ISA member for participation in HRW, SSO, NC, EC, and the WC.

The requirement for membership in the Norwegian Soling Association, ref class rule B.3.1, only applies to those who are residents in Norway. Our foreign guests are exempt from this requirement.

*) Soling Scandinavian Open usually is arranged in combination with the Norwegian Championship.