Photo: RNYC

Soling - World Championship

The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (RNYC) and the Norwegian Soling Association have been awarded the hosting of the Soling World Championship 2024. 

The World Championship  will be held on Hankø, in the Oslofjord from 24th to the 30th of June 2024. 

Hankø has been Norway's leading arena for international regattas for the past hundred years. Their partner club is Hankø Yacht Club (HYC). 

The club has its picturesque clubhouse and a new sheltered harbor on the island a few hundred meters from the mainland. Participating boats will be moored along the moorings just outside the clubhouse. 

The sailing will take place just outside the island in open waters, where the wind and sea conditions are quite predictable. When the sea breeze fills up from the south, this is guaranteed to be one of the best regatta courses Norway has to offer. 

The RNYC has a long tradition of organizing regattas on Hankø. The first regatta took place in 1906. The regatta courses on Hankø are perfect for international championships. 

Hankø Yacht Club. Address and Directions