Foto: Rune Johansen


Reglenes formål, her gjengitt på originalspråket:

"This is a One-Design Class. These rules and the official plans are intended to ensure that boats of this Class are as nearly alike as possible as regards shape and weight of hull and decking, shape and weight of keel, the shape of rudder, shape and area of the sail plan and in some other items which affect performance.

All boats shall be built, in accordance with the plans, with the exception of spars, standing and running rigging, sheeting arrangements, rudder stock with bearing, tiller and tiller extension, lifting eyes, cleats and fairleads. These items and their fittings need not comply with the official plans but shall, in some cases, be controlled in other ways by the following rules".

Klassereglene ble sist oppdatert: 01.03.2022